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cropped-history-watch2.pngThe History Watch Project (HWP) is a federally incorporated Canadian non-profit organization that brings together an international network of activist scholars.  As an organization we are committed to actively engaging with policy makers, practitioners, the media, and workers in the non-governmental sector. Grounded in the expertise of its affiliates, the History Watch Project undertakes research and educational initiatives which employ the methods of Critical Applied History to contemporary social issues.  Its work emphasizes matters related to the Global South though it may also address matters related to the marginalization of people elsewhere in the world.

The History Watch Project is interventionist in its orientation.  The organization explores the “use and abuse” of history.  One of its objectives is to offer counter-narratives and critical assessments of the ways in which historical interpretations are both represented and consumed in public discourse.  This is done through various means including research projects, HWP events, History Watch: The Podcast Series, the Politics of Memory blog, and the use of social media including facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Managing Director:   Audra A. Diptee, Ph.D.


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