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Libya and the Salvation of Europe (Blog)

January 28, 2016 0

Bonnie Bates has published Responsibility to Protect? Libya and the Salvation of Europe with the History Watch Project blog the Politics of Memory … Launched in 2009 by the United Nations, the Responsibility to Protect […]

The Decivilized Academic (Blog)

December 31, 2015 0

Audra A. Diptee has written an article for the Politics of Memory which is entitled “The Decivilized Academic.”  In this piece, she explores the degree to which academics and other intellectuals have been implicated in […]

France, Feminism, and Islam (Blog)

May 15, 2015 0

Natalie Hunter has just posted an article on French feminism and Islam ….   On 11 April 2011, it became illegal in France for Muslim women to wear face-covering veils, as part of a broader […]

Going to See the Black Christ in Panama (Blog)

October 4, 2014 0

Along Panama’s Caribbean coast lies Portobelo, a small port city once the hub of Spanish commercial exports out of South America. Within this once heavily fortified colonial city is Iglesia San Felipe, a historic church […]

Bermuda: Race Politics and Immigration

September 5, 2014 0

In her posting “Race Politics and the Debate Over Immigration in Bermuda,” Angela Wright explores the ways in different historical narratives inform the competing discourses around race and immigration in Bermuda in her recent posting […]

LGBT Rights in Uganda

September 4, 2014 0

Bonnie Bates has just published an article entitled “LGBT Genocide in Contemporary Uganda” on the Politics of Memory blog.  She discusses the impact of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act.  See

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