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Project on Modern Slavery at the Bellagio Center (Research)

New Strategies for the Battle Against Modern Day Slavery

Congratulations to HWP’s Managing Director Dr. Audra A. Diptee as she has been awarded a Rockefellar Foundation Bellagio Centre Residency Fellowship for 2018. Dr. Diptee will take up a one-month writing residency at the Bellagio Center in Italy.

During her time in Italy, she will continue to work on her project New Strategies for the Battle Against Modern Day Slavery. Central to Dr. Diptee’s work is an exploration of the ways in which historians can better contribute to the challenges facing the humanitarian sector in general and anti-slavery initiatives in particular.  Her study develops the ideas that have been laid out in her article “The Problem of Modern Day Slavery: Is Critical Applied History the Answer?” which is to be published in a forthcoming issue of the journal Slavery & Abolition.  In short, through its analysis of anti-slavery discourses and initiatives, this project will contemplate the ways in which power dynamics legitimate certain ways of knowing, interrogate the ahistorical tendencies of institutionally produced discourses, and problematize how various notions of the past come into conflict.

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