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The Decivilized Academic (Blog)

Audra A. Diptee has written an article for the Politics of Memory which is entitled “The Decivilized Academic.”  In this piece, she explores the degree to which academics and other intellectuals have been implicated in some of the world’s atrocities.

The article starts with a quote in which a concentration camp survivor asked educators to “make our children more human.” He was suspicious of education because he had seen “gas chambers built by learned engineers. Children poisoned by educated physicians. Infants killed by trained nurses. Women and babies shot by high school and college graduates.”

Are academics up for the challenge of “making our children more human”?  An absolute minority perhaps … When tenured academics have absolutely nothing to lose, and yet they are incapable of seeing the humanity in others, can we really expect them to stand up for a just society when the stakes are high?  Is a more cynical stance the more realistic stance?  Click here to read more.

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