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Letters from the Slave Ship Pearl (Publication)

A Collaborative Project with Ian Randle Press

The History Watch Project is delighted to announce its collaboration with Ian Randle Publishers in the production of the edited primary source collection Letters from the Voyages of the Slave Ship Pearl (2018).  For the first time, these very important letters will be readily available to Caribbean-based researchers.

The collection covers four voyages made by a single slave ship between 1785-1793 and includes 33 documents in total.  It was edited by HWP directors Dr. Audra A. Diptee and Dr. David V. Trotman.

For scholars, the transcriptions of original manuscripts provide new and valuable source material in the continuing deconstruction of the trans-Atlantic saga of slavery. For political activists and policymakers, these manuscripts constitute additional supporting materials for reparations and the quest for social justice and recognition in the Caribbean.

Paul E. Lovejoy, Distinguished Research Professor, York University.

To purchase this collection please visit Ian Randle Publishers.


About Ian Randle Publishers:  IRP was founded in 1991 to remedy the fact that ‘the region’s writers and academicians did not have a voice.’  Academic publishing on Caribbean topics ‘was dominated by the established metropolitan publishers.’  IRP was the first commercial publishing company in the English speaking Caribbean to produce scholarly and academic books and today remains the leader in the field with bestselling books in History, Gender Studies, Politics, Sociology as well as books covering a wide range of issues on the contemporary Caribbean.


‘Ian Randle: Small Publisher Doing Big Things,’The Gleaner, February 4, 2013.

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