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Atlantic Childhoods: Global Context



The special issue ” Atlantic Childhoods: Global Contexts” has been published with the journal Atlantic Studies, Global Currents (Vol. 11, No. 4).  The issue was edited by Audra A. Diptee and David V. Trotman.  The collection brings together a range of articles that explore and complicate the ways in which childhood has been constructed in the Global South.  The issue included articles that addressed childhood in the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America, as well as trans-regional analyses that explored narratives within the British Empire.  It also included an interview (conducted by Diptee) of Sara Austin (World Vision) who has been a strong advocate for children’s rights.

  • Audra Diptee & David Trotman, “Atlantic Childhood and Youth in Global Context: Reflections on the Global South”
  • Danielle Kinsey, “Atlantic World Mining, Child labour and the transnational construction of childhood in Imperial Britain in the mid-nineteenth century”
  • Erin Bell, “A Most Horrifying Maturity in Crime: Age, Gender and Juvenile Delinquency in Colonial Kenya during the Mau Mau Uprising
  • Lara Putnam, “Global Child-saving, transatlantic maternalism, and the pathologization of Caribbean childhood, 1930s-1940s”
  • Cecilia A. Green, “The 1938-1939 Moyne Commission in Barbados: Investigating the Status of Children”
  • Catherine Koonar, “Using Child Labor to Save Souls: The Basel Mission in colonial Ghana, 1855-1900”
  • Audra A. Diptee (Interview), “The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 25 years later: Sara Austin Reflects on the Journey”

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