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Music, History & Identity among the Taureg of the Sahara (Blog)

Contemporary Tuareg Music and the Pursuit of History

Bonnie Bates has just published a post on our blog Politics of Memory.  In this piece she explores the role of contemporary Taureg music in shaping historical memory and national consciousness ….


Photo credit: Hamed Askari, for TinariwenTuareg oral histories recount their ancestry and clan lines, their role in developing trade networks within and across the desert, and their battles and fight to survive in one of the most severe regions of Africa, if not the world. The modern history of the Tuareg has included new terrorizations of colonialism, civil war, displacement, famine and sedentarisation, which have served to challenge Tuareg identity. How does contemporary Tuareg music reflect and interpret Tuareg history?  For more see

Photo credit: Hamed Askari, for Tinariwen

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