The Politics of Remembering: The Many Diasporas of Africa (Podcast)

A Public Lecture by Dr. Pablo Idahosa

This episode of the History Watch Podcast series is an edited version of the Black History Month public lecture given by Professor Pablo Idahosa of York University.  In his presentation, he discusses the politics of displacement in Africa and the problematic ways in which the term “Diaspora” is currently being used in contemporary discourse.  He argues that it often draws on historical notions of the African Diaspora that may not be applicable in the varied contexts of the twenty-first century and that the term “Diaspora” is often “instrumentalized” by organizations such as the African Union.

About Pablo Idahosa: Dr. Pablo Idahosa is a professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences at York University. He is an internationally recognized specialist in African Studies. His publications, include The Populist Dimension of African Political Thought: Essays in Reconstruction and Retrieval and Development’s Displacements: Ecologies, Economies and Cultures at Risk. Dr. Idahosa’s research interests include, but are not limited to, the relationship between development and modernity in Africa, the relationship between development and cultural production in Africa, ethnicity and displacement in the Niger Delta, and the politics of ethnicity, globalization and development. He has previously served as the Coordinator of the African Studies Program at York University and is currently the Head of Founder’s College.

Credits: This episode would not have been possible without the support of the Institute of African Studies and Migration & Diaspora Studies at Carleton University.  Voice credits go to Lina Crompton for the introduction.  This episode was produced by Dr. Audra A. Diptee.

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